Basic module for mentor qualification

Course language: German
Target group: Student mentors (max. 12 participants per winter semester)

Student mentors look after first-semester students. They support them at the start of their studies and offer them orientation. In small groups, they work with their students on important topics that they need to find their way around their studies, the university and Clausthal in general.

In order to cope well with these responsible tasks, student mentors need different knowledge and skills. The organisational know-how forms the basis. In addition, however, didactic knowledge and one's own role clarity are important for success.


The participants

  • reflect on their role as mentors.
  • work out the basics of learning psychology (neurodidactics, learning strategies, etc.) and discuss behaviour conducive to learning in relation to their work.
  • practise the principle of "minimum help".
  • analyse developmental phases of a group process and their relation to the TCI model.
  • work out and discuss rules that control the course of group dynamic processes.
  • examine levels of communication and discuss their importance in the context of their work with students.
  • develop methods for structuring, building and structuring conversations and practice preparing for a conversation.
  • practice active listening and sending I-messages.
  • practice with each other different conflict situations in conversations and give feedback.



Antje Mackensen
Consultant for Tutor Training, Advice and Support
phone: +49 5323 72-2223

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