We see personnel development as a holistic, dynamic and sustainable process to which all employees make an important contribution and which takes place at all levels. For the coordination and further development of personnel development measures, a steering committee is initiated that is dedicated to the various fields of action, such as the qualification concept and career management, leadership culture, employment conditions, internationalization as well as equality, diversity and women-friendliness, and works on the implementation of the individual measures. The Qualification & Career Online Platform working group is responsible for setting up, maintaining and further developing this website.

We have chosen a matrix structure for the presentation of our HR development offerings, which is based on the central topics of "qualification", "career" and "other offerings". Qualification" is understood as general further training within the framework of various sub-topics for all our employees. The area "Career" focuses in particular on offers that deal directly with information about career paths or the reflection, analysis or next steps in the further development of the own career of our young scientists.

"Other offers" summarizes all offers within the scope of personnel development that cannot be assigned to either the area of "qualification" or the area of "career".

We view the qualification and career development of our academic staff in all career phases as a holistic process.

In order to present our support services for all our employees as easily accessible and clearly as possible, the individual services in the formats "Advice", "Workshops/Seminars" and "Other Events" are assigned to the target groups "Students", "Technical and Administrative Staff", "Research Staff" and "Professors" and "Alumni". In the case of academic staff, a further distinction is made between "doctoral candidates", "post-doctoral researchers" and "staff in academic management" in order to allocate offers that are specifically aimed at certain career phases or career paths.