Scientific presentation

Target group:Scientific employees

Next date:23. and 24.06.2022

Duration: Two days

Trainer: Dr. Carsten Rohr; Dipl.-Physiker, IHK-Lehrtrainer

Course language: German or English

Registration: please via until 08.06.2022

As a scientist, presenting one's results is an important and frequent task: in the seminar, at conferences, for the defense of the doctoral thesis or for the general public.

Goals of thes workshop:

Convince with your own presentation at conferences and meetings. Structure and present difficult topics in an understandable way. Build presentation skills.


  • Planning and structure.
  • Catchy beginnings and endings
  • Language, voice and appearance
  • Visualization and presentation media
  • Slide structure
  • Difficult presentation situations

As a workshop: Method and strategy teaching - if possible on concrete upcoming or held presentations. Work on your own slides. Alternation between input - individual work - group work.


Trainer profile

Dr. Carsten Rohr


Dr. Jacqueline Leßig-Owlanj Tel.:+49 5323 72-2972