Research Data Management

Target group: all employees
Date: 22.11.2022, 8.30-16.30h, virtual event
Duration: 8 units
Trainer: Dr. Florian Strauß
Course language: German
Registration: via until 13.11.2022


Research data management (FDM, saves time) is increasingly coming up as a topic in everyday scientific life. Research funders want data management plans (DMP). Data should be FAIR, i.e. reusable and findable, machine-readable and stored in open repositories. People are also happy to simply refer to the preservation of "good scientific practice". When one encounters all this for the first time, it is usually at a time when there is actually no time to read up on the subject.

Where should the time come from that would be needed besides the work in the laboratory, at the test bench or the literature research? But when it does become important for the project, the search for someone who knows the subject starts.

In retrospect, one often realizes that the most important question arises at the very beginning of a project: What can be done already at this stage of the research project to ensure good FDM without additional effort? Even small measures to adjust the daily work can lead to great time savings in the long run. In addition to this aspect of "arranging and structuring", the complete research data life cycle from planning to publication of research data will be explained during the event.

Of course, the tools and aids already available at Clausthal University of Technology will also be presented, which can make everyday research work a little easier.

FDM is not the same for every scientist and not for every subject area, so feel free to bring your questions and problems to the event.

The event will be livestreamed via BBB. The access data will be sent by e-mail in good time before the event.


Dr. Florian Strauß
Phone: +49 5323 72-2276