Poster design

Next Level - E-Poster Design

E-Poster konzipieren und gestalten – ein Spektrum an kreativen Möglichkeiten

Target group: Postdocs, PhD students
Course language:German (optional English)
Last Date: 15. 06.2021 from 09:00 to 16:00
 Location: Live online workshop (Zoom)
Trainer: Birgit Lukowski
Methods: lecture, discussion and analysis, practical phase, group and trainer feedback


  • Internet-capable laptop, stable WLAN, PowerPoint (optional, your preferred software).
  • image and text material of your own research topic
  • working microphone and face time camera

Number of participants: 10


Course description

The workshop covers the basic knowledge how to conceptualize, prepare and design an effective interactive e-poster. E-Posters provide the opportunity to fully utilise the power of the electronic medium – such as audio, video, hyperlinks, enlarged graphics and an extension of the limited format of a traditional paper poster. A vital benefit, that could make your poster far more engaging and informative for the audience. The course will equip you with both the concepts and the practical skills and provides the possibility to put directly into practice what you have learned as well as to get constructive feedback from group and trainer.

Participants gain knowledge about:

  • the key principles of poster design and visual communication
  • how to practically conceive, prepare and design an e-poster
  • the handling of corporate design guidelines
  • the current scope of technical requirements and software tools


Lecture, discussion, exercise, practice session, feedback

Trainer Profile

Birgit Lukowski lives in Berlin and works as a communication designer, trainer and lecturer. Since 2010 she has been developing practice-oriented workshops for the teaching of design and presentation skills, which are specifically tailored to the needs of young academics.

All seminars focus on the areas of communication, graphic design and presentation and are offered regularly and nationwide at numerous academic institutions for young scientists. (

Contact: Leberstraße 2 10829 Berlin Tel: +49 170-5474039 Email:


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