Electronic journal library

Target group: all
Course language: German
Duration : approx. 75 minutes
Date: once per semester; date to be announced; see University Library website
Meeting place: situational in presence or online
Registration: online, by e-mail

Electronic journals - The fastest way to full text

You need a scientific journal article and would like to know where you can find it or access it online? You can find a lot via Google, but you can find much more via the Electronic Journals Library (EZB).

Clausthal University Library lists the electronic journals it licenses in the EZB. The EZB offers fast, structured and uniform access to scientific full-text journals.

In this course you will gain insights into searching for journals in the EZB and searching for full texts on the respective journal websites. The imparted knowledge will be deepened by exercises on the available PCs.


Barbara Koch
Phone: +49 5323 72-2335
E-mail: service@ub.tu-clausthal.de

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