Technology Transfer

Connecting science and business is the task of the innovation scouting and technology consulting team.

Innovation scouting has personal contact with the research community and conducts ongoing research at the university regarding interesting research topics, competencies and transfer potential for business. These are then shared with the technology consultants to identify suitable companies.

The technology consultancy has direct contacts in the regional companies. From there, it brings issues with cooperation potential to the university to the innovation scouts, who then arrange suitable contacts within the university.

The close cooperation and ongoing exchange between innovation scouting and technology consulting thus allow supply and demand from business and science to be brought together in a precise match and form the basis for new innovation projects.

Furthermore, the active exchange and search for suitable cooperation partners for scientists and companies takes place via the network of the SNIC with universities and companies connected there.

Use the network in the region to specifically search for partners for your plans/projects and contact us.

  • Advice on possible points of contact for cooperation and transfer potentials
  • Research and establishment of contacts to companies and scientists
  • Research and establishment of contacts to regional innovation networks, chambers and associations


Dr. Daniel Tomowski Phone: +49 5323 72-7757


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Bertram Eversmann Phone: +49 5323 72-7756