Research Data Management

Research data management (FDM) has become a central topic in the research process, especially - but not only - because more and more funding bodies are calling for it. FDM is primarily about the conscious and structured handling of (research) data in order to subsequently enable the publication of qualitatively valuable data. Accordingly, consulting services are also offered for the complete research data life cycle, from the data management plan for planning a project to the selection of a suitable repository for publishing the research data with meaningful metadata.

All consultations initially take place with regard to the supporting structures and available tools already in place at Clausthal University of Technology, but also take a look beyond these if necessary. Of course, there is a constant topic-related exchange with the colleagues of the computer centre.

Consultations are held individually, but can also be conducted for entire teams or even institutes, should a common structure be sought. Of course, topics can also be prepared and presented upon request.

An important note: it makes most sense to have a consultation at the start of the project, a subsequent "rescue" of the data is not possible in all cases.

In addition to individual consulting, we offer various training formats, gladly on request.