Open Access Consulting

The EU's new funding programme, Horizon Europe, obliges recipients of funding to publish findings from the project in open access without exception. Transformation agreements are being concluded throughout Germany to offer scientists full access to journals and new opportunities for OA publication. Where does all this come from? As early as 2003, a declaration was passed in Berlin calling for open access to scientific findings, also in the sense of their subsequent use - and it was even signed by the Clausthal University of Technology. Since then, a lively Open Access landscape has developed which, at first glance, is anything but clear.

To help you find your way around this terrain, the University Library is happy to offer advice and assistance. We will clarify with you

  • What advantages Open Access offers you
  • what costs will be incurred and how we can support you
  • What you should look out for in terms of "predatory journals
  • Who holds which rights to your publications
  • What other points you need to consider

In addition to individual consultation, we offer various training formats, also on request.


Dr. Florian Strauß
Phone: +49 5323 72-2276

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