Equality Office

Consultations on all aspects of equality, equal opportunities and the compatibility of work/study and family responsibilities, as well as ergonomics in the workplace. The Equal Opportunity Office is responsible for equal opportunity work, family service and diversity management.

  • Advice from the Equal Opportunity Officer on:
  • Discrimination or sexual harassment,
  • career options for women (including young female scientists and students)
  • Gender aspects in research proposals (including the DFG's research-oriented gender equality standards)
  • Diversity in teaching and research

Advice from the family service:

The services offered by the Family Service are intended to support employees with family responsibilities and offer them the opportunity to reconcile their family responsibilities with their job.

Further offers of the family service include:

  • Vacation childcare for children between the ages of 6 and 10,
  • First aid courses for children for all employees of the TU Clausthal,
  • Parent-child meetings
  • Workshops on topics related to the compatibility of work and family life


Advice from the ergonomics consultant on:

  • Ergonomic furnishing of the computer workstation
  • incl. loan of office chairs, seating aids, ergonomic keyboards and mice incl. tips on movement at the workplace.


Full-time Equal Opportunity Officer
Dr. Natalia Schaffel-Mancini

Family Service
Tatjana Methfessel M.A.
Ergonomics Consultant
Annett Panterodt

Equal Opportunity Office
Leibnizstraße 4 A 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Tel. 05323 72 3106
Email: gleichstellungsbuero@tu-clausthal.de