Inter-University Continuing Education Lower Saxony (HüW)

With a diverse programme, the HüW Niedersachsen complements the internal continuing education offerings of 23 cooperating universities in Lower Saxony, Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein.

It has existed in its current form since 2001 and complements the internal personnel development measures of the participating universities and colleges (cooperating universities). Through the optimal coordination of internal and cross-university continuing education, all groups of employees should be able to obtain adequate qualifications.

The aims of HüW are

  • Strengthening leadership and change competence
  • to promote the competence of employees to act against the background of current university developments
  • Expanding subject-specific qualifications
  • Develop key qualifications
  • Initiate exchange of experience and networking

HüW offers its continuing education courses in two program semesters: from April to September and from October to March. The basis for the range of events is the current demand for continuing education in universities and colleges.

Further information and the current continuing education programme can be found on the website.


Interuniversity continuing education (HüW)

Office of Inter-University Continuing Education
Hannover University of Applied Sciences
Bismarckstr. 2 30173 Hannover

Phone: +49 511 9296-6521

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