Supervision as a management task

Target group: newly appointed professors, junior and tenure track professors
Next date: 15.7.2022 and 16.9.2022, always 9.30 am - 1pm
Duration: The workshop will take place over two half days.

Trainer: Dr. Matthias Scholz, managing partner of Scholz CTC GmbH
Course language: German
Registration: via email


The standards of the European Union classify doctoral students as early-stage researchers. The doctorate is therefore in most academic subjects the proof that graduates are capable of independent, larger scientific work. This understanding places great importance on the supervision of doctoral students. This results in special requirements for the management situation Supervision of doctoral students.
The most important prerequisite for a successful doctoral process is a trusting relationship between the doctoral candidate and the supervisor. In addition to a trusting attitude, a number of supporting instruments are helpful in establishing this relationship. The aim of this workshop is to enable participants to critically examine their own experiences in supervising doctoral candidates, to learn about supporting instruments in the context of international good practice, and to develop new standards of good doctoral supervision with the help of collegial exchange.

- A change of perspective: self-experienced supervision and supervision expectations
- Qualification of doctoral candidates - international standards
- Self-reflection: own strengths and weaknesses of supervision
- Finding the right doctoral candidates (job advertisement, selection, onboarding)
- The supervision agreement as a central management tool
- Dealing with difficult supervision situations (e.g. time management, plagiarism, conflicts)
- Deriving own maxims for action

- Input
- exercises in working groups
- individual reflections
- change of perspective
- if required: collegial consultation
- feedback

Dr. Matthias Scholz is managing partner of Scholz CTC GmbH. He has more than twenty years of experience in the field of human resources, including twelve years in a position of overall responsibility for a large corporation in the social and health care sector with around 35,000 employees. For Scholz CTC GmbH, he advises organizations and institutions in the fields of 'personnel strategy and derived organizational development', 'personnel marketing and recruitment' and 'executive development. He advises and coaches executives from science and science management on leadership issues such as the supervision of doctoral candidates and on the role of leadership, on career development issues,
on preparation for appointment procedures and applications, on support when starting in a new management position, on personality development, and in conflict situations.


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