Confident appearance in job interviews

Target group: Scientific employees
Date\Duration: 9.3.2023, 9-16.30\ day
Trainer: Prof. Dr. Daniel Wrede
Working language: German
Venue/virtual event: tba
Registration : via Registeration form until 22.02.2023

Confident appearance, clear answers and interested questions are the essential success factors in the job interview on your way to the next career step. On this day we want to work together on your appearance in the job interview. You can try yourself out, learn how an interview is structured and receive qualified feedback on your interview behavior.


  • Authentic presentation of your resume
  • Procedure of an interview
  • Dealing with typical questions
  • Presenting strengths authentically
  • Formulating answers regarding own development areas (weaknesses)
  • Asking the right questions


Seminar format:

Systematic training: lecture and discussion in the plenum, short discussion phase, role exercises, case discussions, individual feedback.