Scientific Writing

Target group: PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Next date: 19. and 20.09.2022

Duration: Two days

Trainer: Dr. Carsten Rohr; Dipl.-Physiker, IHK-Lehrtrainer

Course language: German or English

Registration:please via until 04.09.2022

Publishing one's results, whether it is the PhD thesis or the next article, represents the currency in modern science. It may not be the favourite task for PhD students, but it is a crucial one and contributes significantly to the research opportunities open to one in the future.

Aims of the Workshop:

To go through the writing process using an own text as an example in all steps. To experience writing rather than pure theory.


  • Developing a clear main message
  • Setting priorities in the writing process
  • Practicing a scientific writing style
  • Structuring and logical structure of the text
  • Creating meaningful graphics
  • Planning the overall process
  • Collaborating with multiple authors
  • Submitting and responding in the referee process

As a workshop: Teaching methods and strategies - working on own texts (paper, dissertation). Alternation between input - own work - group work.

Preparation: Bring your own texts (paper, dissertation). Or identify research results from which a paper can emerge.

Trainer profile

Dr. Carsten Rohr


Dr. Jacqueline Leßig-Owlanj
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