Publication strategy

Course language: Depending on registration, either in English or German
Workshop leader: Prof. Dr. Annette Kolb, Consulting and Training for Academics from Coachademics, Niedernhausen

"Publish or perish" - this guiding principle is more valid than ever in science today. The motivations for scientists to publish are very diverse and range from the proof and dissemination of research results, to strengthening their own reputation, to securing their livelihood in the context of a scientific career. The quality of research is generally measured by the visibility of scientific results. In this context, the quality but above all the quantity of publications plays a prominent role and bibliometric factors are becoming increasingly important for the measurement of scientific performance. At the same time, the possibilities offered by publication platforms are at least as diverse as the scientists who want to use them. Therefore, it is important for young scientists to learn how to present their scientific results at an early stage, to know the possibilities of publishing and to develop publication strategies. The workshop is aimed at young researchers who have already produced their own research results and want to publish them as part of their strategic career planning.Participants will learn about different forms of scientific publication, gain insight into the structure and quality criteria of a and the quality criteria of a publication and discuss strategic concepts for the presentation of scientific results. A "publication roadmap" will be developed against the background of the participants' own scientific career.

Workshop programme:

- Overview of publication platforms (speaker) - Quality assurance and quality measurement of scientific publications (speaker) - Quality instead of quantity - what characterizes a good publication (open discussion) - Open Access - pros and cons (group work, followed by discussion in plenary) - Adhering to the rules of good scientific practice when publishing (speaker) - The 4 questions when publishing (group work, discussions in plenary): - What do I publish? - When do I publish? - How do I publish? - Where do I publish? - Drafting an individual publication roadmap (guided individual work, presentation in plenary)


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