Open workshop program in higher education didactics

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The workshop program of the ZHD is open to all teachers of the TU Clausthal and is free of charge. It offers both an introduction to university teaching as well as in-depth topics. The pages on the individual workshops will inform you about the contents, dates, rooms and all other organisational and content-related aspects.

The ZHD workshops are based on the wishes and topics of the lecturers. For this reason, it varies from semester to semester. It contains the following topics

  • Teaching and learning
  • Planning and implementation
  • Presenting and communicating
  • Examining and evaluating
  • Advising and resolving conflicts
  • Leading and guiding groups

and specialize within these topics in each case to current topics within the teaching areas of the TU Clausthal. We are also happy to take on board your ideas, wishes and suggestions.

The open program of the Center for Higher Education Didactics includes basic workshops on higher education didactics, but also offers for more in-depth study. It is updated semester by semester

In addition to the Clausthal workshops, you can also take advantage of the higher education didactics offered by the Georg-August University of Göttingen. There is a fixed quota of places for participants from the TU Clausthal. here is a fixed quota of places for participants of the TU Clausthal.
For workshops in Göttingen there is a participation fee depending on the length of the workshop (per workshop day 40 €).