Open Access in everydays Science

Target group: All employees
Dates: 13.06.2023, 13:00 bis 16:30 Uhr
Work units: 4 units
Trainer: Dr. Florian Strauß
Course language: German
Format: tba
Registration: via form

The professional exchange between scientists can and should advance and accelerate research. But how can this work if the results achieved disappear behind payment barriers? Only those who are found will be read and cited. In essence, these are also the considerations that form the starting point for the Open Access movement. In the meantime, there is an increasing number of ways in which one can offer one's findings and even the (raw) data for all the world to see.

Research is funded, sometimes repeatedly, by taxpayers' money. Nevertheless, the results of this research are withheld from the funders, i.e. the taxpayers. What sounds like a scandal has long been part of everyday life in the scientific community, and still is in some places.

In addition to the basic knowledge about Open Access, the advantages (also with regard to one's own reputation) are described. It also shows what to look out for when publishing one's own work in open access, how to search specifically for open access publications, and what open licenses are all about. Current developments on the topic will also be looked at in more detail. Of course, the University Library's support services on this topic, such as the publication server for secondary publications, will also be presented as part of the training.

Of course, there will also be room for your questions on the topic. You are welcome to offer current problems from your everyday academic life as examples in advance or on the day of the event.
The training will take place situationally either in presence or online via BigBlueButton. The decision is made with the registration deadline, access data will be sent to you by e-mail on the day of the event at the latest.




Dr. Florian Strauß
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