Negotiating according to the Harvard principle

Workshop "Negotiating according to the Harvard Principle

Target group: scientific employees and employees in technology and administrationCertificate: Module 2 - Personality and career developmentDate: 13.9.2022 and 14.9.2022, both 9-17 hFollow-up term: 23.01.2023Duration : two days, 16 units

Trainer:in: Christoph Schuseil, Coaching & Training, BraunschweigCourse language: GermanRegistration : via

Why do some people succeed easily in achieving their goals, while others tend to lose? Negotiation is a craft that can be learned and for which there are tools and strategies.

Negotiation is our daily business. We negotiate every day and in very different situations and contexts: We negotiate about goals at work, about the salary we want to earn, about vacations, or even about how tasks can be distributed sensibly and fairly. In the process, most people do not think about how they go about it. Often this happens unconsciously and rather intuitively - usually with very different results.

Learning Objective:

The goal of this workshop is to consciously examine and improve one's own negotiation behavior in order to be able to negotiate professionally and successfully even in difficult situations and with challenging negotiating partners.

Central guiding questions are:

- Which negotiation strategies do I use and how can I be successful and achieve good results?

- How can I achieve more than a compromise in difficult negotiation situations and with difficult partners?

- How do I succeed in negotiating with the negotiating partner in a fair and at the same time tough way?

- How can I consciously integrate negotiation strategies into my everyday life and assert myself better?

The workshop is about how you can develop negotiation strategies that are really convincing and find new ways in impasses to develop common goals from opposing positions.

You will learn to assess other people in terms of their personality and negotiation behavior. You will learn procedures, strategies, methods and attitudes of negotiation according to the principles of the Harvard concept and implement them in negotiation exercises.

You will have the opportunity to bring in your own negotiation situations, try them out and receive feedback in order to improve your negotiation skills.


In order to reach the participants in a sustainable and practical way, the didactic-methodical focus is on the application of the theory on the basis of own "hot topics" in the cooperation as well as the collegial exchange and consultation in the group.



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