Microsoft Outlook as a project management tool

Target group: all employees
Date: 27.01.2023
Duration: 8.30-12 h
Trainer:in: Dipl. Math Natalia Rentzsch und Oliver Koch, Rechenzentrum TU Clausthal

Course language: German
Room/location: Seminar room 119, Rechenzentrum TU Clausthal, Gebäude B5, Erzstr. 18, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/virtual (BBB) until 16.1.2023

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful collaboration tool and can support professional teamwork in a meaningful way. This workshop briefly teaches the most important Outlook functions to facilitate collaboration in a work group:

- Team email functionality e.g. categorize emails, use polling buttons for polling - Scheduling e.g. use shared calendars and group calendars, effective meeting scheduling.

- Task management e.g. create tasks and notes, delegate tasks and check task status

- Public folders e.g. assign rights to public folders to share documents with specified groups

- IT security e.g. terms of use for e-mail traffic at TU Clausthal, encryption methods, e-mail etiquette

The workshop contains practical parts for which an own laptop with installed Microsoft Outlook is required.



Natalia Rentzsch

Computing Center TU Clausthal


Oliver Koch

Computing Center TU Clausthal