Leadership and management competence

Target group: scientists and employees
Date: 17.-18.1.2023, 9-17 h, Workshop/online-Workshop
Duration: two days
Trainer: Christoph Schuseil
Course language: German
Registration: via graduiertenakademie@tu-clausthal.de until 3.1.2023

What makes me stand out in my personality? What strengths and potentials shape me and how can I make full use of them in the various leadership situations at the university? It is not uncommon for academics to find themselves in challenging professional-lateral or hierarchical leadership situations. Our personality influences how we succeed in shaping leadership and cooperation flexibly and adapted to the situation. The workshop invites you to take an in-depth look at your own personality and leadership.


  • Getting to know the JPP - Personality Profile (Jungian Personality Profile).
  • Examination of one's own personality patterns and potentials
  • Inputs on current leadership models and theories
  • Situational and different - "leadership space" university
  • Application of the JPP to own leadership challenges in collegial exchange and feedback

Learning objectives of the seminar: The aim of the seminar is to sensitize the participants to consciously recognize their own strengths and resources in leadership in order to be able to use them purposefully. They

  • get to know current leadership models
  • recognize your personal leadership potential and resources
  • reflect on your thinking and behaviour in leadership situations,
  • learn to exploit and use your potential in a more targeted way,
  • create new room for manoeuvre by achieving a more precise self-perception.

Teaching methods: The didactic-methodical focus is on practical work and experience-oriented exercises in changing small groups, supported by the coach. This group work is supplemented by short theoretical inputs and reflection rounds in the plenum as well as collegial consultation. Different models of analysis are used to approach the topic from different perspectives.

In this workshop we work with the JPP (Jungian Personality Profile), a personality profile that highlights typical characteristics of one's own personality and is based on the developmental theory of C.G. Jung. According to C.G. Jung, every person is unique, but acts in a typical way according to certain tendencies and patterns. In this workshop you will get to know the JPP, a scientifically based instrument that helps you to better assess yourself and others and to further develop cooperation and leadership.


Christoph Schuseil


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