Hybrid project management "best of both worlds concept "

Target group: Scientific staff and employees in technology and administration 
Dates : 4 and 5.10.2022,
Duration: 16 units
Trainer:Martina Richter
Course language: German
Registration : via graduiertenakademie@tu-clausthal.de please by18.9.2022
Venue/virtual event
: Online


Even if project management is on everyone's lips - in the daily stress of everyday life, fast decision-making situations and complex issues, it is often difficult to carry out project management stringently. In addition, there is the question of a common understanding of the project management approach, with the result that the application of classic or agile project management often becomes a question of faith. However, a strict separation between the different methods does not always make sense and does not have to be an "either/or" question. It is precisely the combination of the different.

Project management methods can be very promising, e.g., creating project plans in the "classic" way, but proceeding agilely in individual iterations:

  • Basic idea of agile and traditional project methods (in the VUCA world).
  • Agile values, principles, basic assumptions, opportunities and challenges: Necessary framework for successful integration of agile methodology.
  • Classical values, principles, basic assumptions, opportunities and challenges: Necessary framework for successful integration of classical methodology
  • Combination of agile and classic project management tools in the project life cycle
  • Transfer to own project situation

Learning Objective:

  • Participants know the central questions and ideas of project management
  • Participants are able to differentiate the central approaches, chances, limits and requirements of classical and agile project management.
  • Participants are able to apply the right project management tools correctlyParticipants are able to define the right project management approach for them, the project and the project team.

Format of the training and methods/techniques used:

Online workshop Methodically, this training lives from impulses, moderated exchange and the transfer to the own project situation. The wishes and expectations of the participants are taken into account.

Trainer:in Martina Richter holds a degree in Business Administration (FH)/ Human Resources Management and an MBA/ International Consulting. For six years she worked as a management consultant with a focus on market entry strategies in China. Since 2009 she has been working as an independent facilitator of workshops (e.g. team, mission statement, strategy, reorganization), accompanies organizations in change processes and conducts didactic, social and methodological competence trainings in business and science as a trainer. She gives lectures at various universities.




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