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Target group: International and German Doctoral researchers and postdocs who plan to start applying in the next 12 months and have little application experience.
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10.01.2022, 4:30 – 6pm
24.01.2022, 4:30 – 6:15pm
31.01.2022, 2.30 – 4pm or 4 – 5:30pm oder 5:30 – 7pm (small groups)
14.02.2022, 1– 2:45pm or 3 – 4:45pm oder 5 – 7:45pm (small groups)21.02.2022, 4 – 6pm
Self-study courses
Week 2, 3,5, 7, 8 - duration of up to 3 h / week
Trainer: Heidi Störr, Push Your Career - Bewerbungsberatung
After her graduation in business studies she worked for several companies as a HR Specialist.
Since 2012 she offers advice for German and international academic graduates. With her seminars she provides an introduction to most central aspects of starting a career in Germany after graduation.
Course language: English or German
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The transition from the university world to the free economy is an important and sometimes difficult step. Getting to know the application rules and understanding the expectations of recruiters is a necessary prerequisite. This intensive training will help you to implement your job search quickly and successfully.


1. job search

- Ideas for possible entry-level positions

- Active and passive search strategies

2. application documents

- Content and design of application documents

- Analysing job advertisements and assessing chances of success

- Personal application feedback in small groups

3. job interviews

- Preparation and procedure of a job interview

- Answering typical personnel questions

- Practice of self-presentation in small groups

4. salaries

- Procedure in salary negotiations

- Determining the appropriate salary


Topic "Job search

In the first part of the seminar we will talk about which skills are often acquired through a doctorate. You will learn about different job profiles that could be suitable for you and how you can develop further job ideas for yourself. Afterwards, a self-study course will open up which active and passive search options you can use, including concrete website recommendations. It will be explained how to prioritize the different possibilities so that you can create an individual work plan for yourself.

Topic "Application documents

By means of a video course, you will get the basic knowledge you need on how to best create application documents and adapt them to the job at hand. You will see examples of cover letter, CV and application photo and how you should select your references. In addition, you will learn what makes your profile particularly interesting for companies. In the following face-to-face workshop we will discuss how to interpret job advertisements correctly and how to assess your chances of applying. Afterwards, you will be able to revise your documents and receive feedback on your personal draft CV in a second face-to-face workshop.

Topic "Job interviews

In a self-study course, you will learn how to prepare for the interview, including dress, timing and company research. You will learn about the interview phases of a classic job interview and receive advice on how to introduce yourself and special interview situations, such as on the phone or online. In the subsequent face-to-face seminar, we will work out possible answers to typical questions asked by the recruiter. In a further face-to-face session, you can practice your self-presentation for job interviews and receive feedback on it.

Topic "Salaries

A video course explains the correct procedure in salary negotiations, common mistakes and which alternatives to the salary can be negotiated. Following this, we will talk about typical starting salaries and factors influencing salaries in a face-to-face webinar. Using a calculation tool, we practice how to determine the appropriate salary for a position and how to make company-specific adjustments through research.

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