Target group: Scientific employees (doctoral candidates)
Date: 16. and 23.02.2023, 9-16.30
Duration: 2 days
Trainer: Prof. Dr. Daniel Wrede
Working language: German
Registration : via graduiertenakademie@tu-clausthal.de until 01.02.2023
Venue/virtual event: tba

To perform confidently at the disputation, to present one's own disputation lecture with pleasure and to deal confidently with queries.

The disputation is the crowning conclusion of a long phase of scientific education. Often, however, the day is not approached with composure and joy. Excitement and doubts about one's own standing dominate the preparation. Use our disputation training to optimize a key competence of successful scientists for this occasion: The confident and convincing presentation of their own research results. Guide your listeners through a structured world of thought!

Communicate confidently between screen and audience! Inspire! Become visible and train to present convincing performances convincingly:


  • Psychologist of the presentation
  • Techniques to increase the conciseness of the content
  • Logical and varied structure
  • Body language presence
  • Strategies against stage fright
  • Dealing with exam questions and disturbances
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

Use of methods:
impulse lectures by the lecturer, guided self-reflection, presentation of the participants in the plenum, feedback by the group and the trainer, problem- and solution-oriented exchange.