Determining where you stand with your doctorate: There is always something more important! And what about my doctorate?

Target group: PhD students of the TU Clausthal
Date: 13.05.2022, 10-11.30 a.m.
Duration : approx. 1.5 hours
Contact: Heidi Hohmann, Psychosocial Counselling, Studentenwerk Ostniedersachsen
Course language: German
Registration: via please by 02.05.2022

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In the protected space of the workshop, we want to exchange our experiences during our doctorate and take stock of where we stand. In doing so, we want to take the time to notice where we are at the moment and to realise that different stakeholders have different demands: What does my supervisor want to achieve? What does the funder want to achieve? And what do I myself want?

We are interested in uncovering the difference between demands and reality as well as in setting limits in certain situations in order to make a distinction against expectations from the outside, in order to achieve better time management with more and optimally used time for one's own research. This goes hand in hand with an exchange of experiences among the participants and participants themselves and ties in with self-awareness and awareness processes.

The contents discussed are subject to confidentiality. The workshop takes place only in presence under the currently valid Corona regulation. The number of participants is limited.


Heidi Hohmann Psychosocial Counselling Student Services East Lower Saxony


Dr. Jacqueline Leßig-Owlanj
phone: +49 5323 72-2972