Data protection workshop

Research under the GDPR

Target group: Researchers at TU Clausthal
Last date: Wednesday, 09.02.22 9-12 a.m.
Patrick Borkowski, Data Protection Officer of TU Clausthal, Natalia Rentzsch, Data Protection Management
Course language: German
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In almost all research areas, the use of personal data is unavoidable. This does not only have to be about test persons in scientific experiments, also in the context of cooperations or during the realization of scientific conferences data of persons are usually processed.

The workshop will shed light on the relationship between research interests and the legal requirements of data protection. It will be discussed which data protection regulations must be observed by researchers. In addition, it will be shown which support options are offered at the TU Clausthal.


Natalia Rentzsch
Patrick Borkowski


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