Certificate University Didactics

The structured program extends over a period of about one to one and a half years. Up to 10 participants go through a series of workshops in a fixed group. This is accompanied by moderated discussion rounds on higher education didactic topics, the so-called "Collegial Practice Talks". The programme is supplemented by mutual visits and reflections on one's own teaching in the context of collegial observation. The programme concludes with the preparation of individual teaching portfolios by the participants. In total, the basic qualification in higher education didactics comprises 140 work units (AE) of 45 minutes each. This corresponds to approximately 5 ECTS credits. Further information on the content and procedure of the certificate programme can be found below.

The Certificate Programme in Higher Education Didactics is carried out in cooperation with the University Didactics of the Georg-August-University of Göttingen and is certified by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hochschuldidaktik e. V. (German Association for Higher Education Didactics). (dghd) as meeting the professional standards and has been included in the list of programs accredited by the dghd.

The basic qualification in higher education didactics is divided into three modules as well as accompanying hospitations and discussions.

  • Module 1: Basics of teaching and learning
  • Module 2: Topic-specific extension
  • Module 3: Transfer to everyday teaching
  • Reflection and collegial exchange