d-fine (analytical, technological, quantitative)


Target group:students and PhD students of engineering, natural sciences and economics
Dates: 21.04.2022 from 4p.m to 6p.m please by 14.04.2022
Venue/virtual event: as video conference
Registration:Attention: Registration extended until 20.4.2022 by email to careers@d-fine.de or via the web portal

MINT in professional and technological consulting
We accompany companies in their transformation into data-driven organizations and realize sustainable success potentials at the interface between data science, technology and business expertise - from the financial sector to the energy industry to health care and mobility. Do you want to find out which career paths your analytical and quantitative skills will open up for you on our projects? Get to know d-fine!

d-fine at the TU Clausthal pursues the following goals:

  • Overview of entry possibilities,career paths and corporate culture.
  • Insights into the daily project life in the spectrum from data architecture to complex analysis and simulation tools, space for personal exchange.


By e-mail careers@d-fine.de
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