WiMINToring mentoring program for female master students

The WiMINToring mentoring program for young female scientists takes place every two years and runs for approximately one year.

The WiMINToring mentoring program for young female scientists is carried out with a group of about 10 mentees who are assigned a mentor from science or industry who is already established in professional life. The mentors use their experience to support the mentees in their personal development. In addition, our mentoring program is accompanied by a framework program consisting of workshops to strengthen personal skills, networking evenings, career coaching, and excursions to career fairs.

You can find the detailed schedule of the program at: https://www.gb.tu-clausthal.de/gleichstellungsarbeit/angebote/fuer-nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen/mentoring-programm-wimintoring-fuer-nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen



Project Coordination
Tatjana Methfessel M.A.

Equal Opportunities Office
Leibnizstraße 4 A
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

phone: +49 5323 72-3145
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