Career in science

Target group: scientific employees
Dates:preparation phase: (approx. 2 h, free time allocation) December 2 - 8, 2022
Online presentation date: Friday, December 9, 2022, 9:00 - ca. 13:30
Transfer phase: (ca. 2h, free time allocation) December 10 - 16, 2022
Trainer: Dr. Eva Reichmann
Course language: German
Registration:  until 24.11.2022
Venue/virtual event: Online 

Career in science

The workshop is aimed at participants who would like to get a general overview of career opportunities in the scientific field.


The scientific job market does not offer sufficient career opportunities to all interested parties - job resources are limited. It is therefore important to plan one's career strategically: that is, to position oneself well, to know one's own profile and to work on qualification gaps in a targeted manner.

However, slightly different qualifications are required depending on the professional goal - from professorship to institute management to science-related activities in public sector institutions.

In this context, it is important to present one's own professional competencies and "academic personality" convincingly and authentically - i.e., through comprehensible examples and in a tangible way. This also includes the visibility and presence of one's own performance within the scientific community of the targeted professional field.

In the workshop, you will learn which career paths are available in the field of science and research and how you can optimize your personal profile in the above-mentioned areas during the qualification phase - and which chronological sequence may be useful (career planning as a project - with milestones that can be used for an exit strategy).



  • know different career paths in academia and can design your further planning (development measures, application, etc.) accordingly
  • Are able to put your academic competence profile into words and make it visible




  • To participate, you will need a laptop or computer with audio/video capability (microphone and camera). You will also need a stable internet connection.
  • You will receive an individual login code for the moodle course room for the workshop at least one week before the online presentation date.
  • Preparation phase - prerequisite for participation: approx. 2 h, free time allocation: in the moodle course room you will find material and tasks for preparation. These assignments will be supervised by the trainer if needed.
  • at the online-meeting we will work together on interactive learning situations from 9:00 to ca. 13:30/14:00 (short breaks) each day
  • Transfer phase: approx. 2h, free time allocation, directly after the workshop for approx. 7 days: in the moodle course room you will receive feedback, can ask further questions and exchange ideas with the trainer and the other participants.





Dr. Eva Reichmann